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Lv Xiaoyue, Zhang Yuyang Won the Full Scholarship to Study in Singapore

From:Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School Time:2018-05-24 10:35:16 Read:1051

Singapore full scholarship program (SM2 program), is funded by the government of Singapore, aiming to select outstanding students from mainland China to study in world-class universities in Singapore. In recent years, there were about 25 students selected for this program from Hebei province each year. 

In the just-concluded 2018 Singapore full scholarship program in hebei province, Zhang Yuyang and Lv Xiaoyue successfully passed the exam. At this point, many students in our school have passed the exam these years. The project sets up a bridge for the students to the world’s famous universities, and lays a foundation for the students to be good and competitive citizens of the world in the future. After their success, the two students have many words to share with teachers and classmates.

Stay true to the mission and be thankful

As an international school, Shijiazhuang No. 42 Secondary School brought me a lot of unprecedented experience. At this school, for the first time I got so close to the sounds from all over the world. The school opens a door for me to the world, provides many opportunities, and lets me know that there is another wonderful life in the world.

My teacher QiWei and Jiang Ye helped me a lot in my study, which laid a solid foundation for me.

In addition, from teachers Zhu Wanli, Yu Run xing, and li Rong I harvest not only knowledge and skills, but also more active and steady attitude towards life.

In the near future, I will set foot on foreign soil. "Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished." This is I say to myself. My fellow underclassmen, believe me, you can do it, too!

—— Lv Xiaoyue

Everything is possible

I am Zhang Yuyang, a student from Fucai class. It’s my honor to study in Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School and to see my progress. In No.42, everything is possible.

Sprinting to the end, when I look back, I cannot move forward without my teachers ' help.

Liu Xinfeng, my teacher in charge, is responsible and active. He does not only provide chance to show my self but also train my positive attitude towards lose.

With the help of my physics teachers Wang Lizhi and Li Rong, I become very interested in physics and get a very clear mind. Mathematics teacher Yu Runxing often uses new methods and new ideas to help broad our mind, which lead me to a different world of mathematics. English teacher Zhu Wanli is kind and humorous, who provides us with many ways to learn. I learned a lot from him and quite enjoyed.   

Every teacher in No.42 is a watchman of education, who teaches students to learn. This accumulates the massive force for each student in the future.

——Zhang Yuyang

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