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2018 Hebei AFS International Cultural Exchange Project School Training Meeting was Held in Shijiazhuang No. 42 Secondary School

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The internationalization of education is a long-term and comprehensive strategy. Cultivating outstanding talents with international competitiveness is an internal driving force for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It is also an important guarantee for China's participation in global and regional affairs and the improvement of its discourse power and influence. AFS International Cultural Exchange Project is one of the most effective ways to train international talents.

To promote the internationalization of education in Hebei Province and improve the development level of the AFS international cultural exchange program, on May 23, the AFS International Cultural Exchange Project School Training Meeting organized by the Department of Education of Hebei Province was held in Shijiazhuang No. 42 Secondary School. The meeting was chaired by Director of the Foreign Affairs Office Zhang Chenggang and attended by 26 schools in the province.

Director of the International Division of the Department of Education, Hebei Province, Mr. Li Shoumin made an opening speech for the meeting. Director Li introduced the development of the AFS project in our province and emphasized the role of the AFS project in enhancing personal vision and national cultural exchanges and cultural communication, and put forward specific requirements for the project schools.

Vice President Zhang Xiuying took 42 as an example to introduce the development of the AFS project from the school level and the multiple exchange projects derived from AFS. The AFS project provides a larger platform for school development and accelerates the pace of school internationalization. President Zhang’s speech enhanced confidence in the future development of the schools.

The National Office’s teacher Zheng Yunzhao introduced the overall situation of the AFS project at the national level and the importance of promoting the development of the AFS project in Hebei for the country. Prof. Cheng’s speech made every AFSer clarify the responsibilities he shouldered.

The AFS international cultural exchange program includes sending and receiving two parts. Zhang Yanyan detailed the AFS dispatch from seven aspects: publicity, selection, dispatch and follow-up, visa work, pre-departure training, contact and sharing abroad, and training and sharing after returning home.

Mr. Li Huijun gave a detailed explanation of the AFS reception work from preparations for the reception, curriculum, event arrangement, student management, and home maintenance.

Zhang Yanyan and Li Huijun, two teachers with concrete examples and rich experience, greeted all the participants and brought us a wonderful and practical training. These schools are responsible for the future work.

Ms. Zhang Meile has shared experience in the AFS project news promotion work. Teacher Zhang said that we should make use of good newspapers, websites, television stations and other media to carry out in-depth excavation of the humanities exchanges between China and foreign countries, effectively build a propaganda front for the internationalization of school education, and sing the "good voice" of Hebei education.

The AFS international cultural exchange project has come from the depths of history and has continued for centuries. The participants all said that the holding of this training allowed us to spread Chinese ideas with more confidence and a more active attitude, tell Chinese stories well, and compose a new chapter in the internationalization of Chinese education.

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