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Strengthen the investigation of hidden danger and build up the safety defense line

From:Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School Time:2020-11-27 09:52:57 Read:738

Recently, a safety accident happened in Wuji County of Shijiazhuang City, which sounded the alarm for campus safety. In order to put an end to the hidden dangers of campus safety, build a strong defense line of campus security, and create a safe campus, Ren Junjie, deputy director of the Security Department of Hebei International School Education Group, and the person in charge of the school's logistics department and canteen carried out a "pull network" safety of the school's public facilities, including electricity, water, food, fire control, monitoring system, and the implementation of safety and preventive measures Overall inspection and investigation activities.

Safety work is the top priority of school work. During the inspection, Director Ren emphasized the importance of institutionalization and normalization of school safety management from aspects of fire safety, food safety, disease prevention and control, and hazardous chemical safety.

Through the investigation of campus security risks, not only the school safety management responsibility has been implemented, but also the safety common sense of "safety first, prevention first" has been strengthened. Vice president Wang Xuejing pointed out: Hebei International School Education Group attaches great importance to campus safety work. On the one hand, by strengthening the safety education of students, the seeds of safety awareness are sown into the hearts of every student; on the other hand, the school makes a good safety plan, with the construction of Safe School Park as the primary purpose, putting the interests of students, student safety and school safety management in the first place To create a safe and harmonious learning environment for all teachers and students.

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