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Moral education course Ideological and political education casts soul

From:Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School Time:2020-12-15 09:57:59 Read:841

On December 13, 2020, a team of three experts from the course Ideological and political model school visited our school to inspect and supervise the work of establishing the model school. The principal Li Yaqing, vice presidents Li Yulan and Wang Xuejing warmly welcomed the arrival of the experts.

The experts of the evaluation group first heard the work report of Li Yi, deputy director of the teaching department, on the work of the ideological and political model school of our school. According to the idea of top-level design, curriculum ideological and political combination boxing, curriculum ideological and political construction achievements and next work plan, Mr. Li Yi talked about the ideological and political construction work of our school.

Next, the experts of the evaluation group listened to a class meeting with the theme of "practicing the youth oath and determined to sail far away" by Xu Zhigang of our school. From "understanding the appearance of youth" to "pursuing the dream of youth", and finally falling to "love China, pledge to be a pillar", Mr. Xu Zhigang's class meeting class really achieved the goal of turning the wind into rain and educating people silently; finally, the experts of the evaluation group carefully examined the archives of the ideological and political construction of the school curriculum.

The experts of the evaluation group have made professional and detailed comments and feedback on the establishment of the ideological and political Demonstration School of our school. All the experts have highly affirmed the ideological and political work of our school, and think that the content of Ideological and political work in our school is comprehensive and detailed, with prominent features. "It has brought into full play the synergistic effect of all kinds of courses and ideological and political theory courses in the same direction, and realized the effective integration of Ideological and political education into Ideological and political courses, various courses, school activities and school culture." At the same time, the evaluation group also put forward constructive suggestions on the ideological and political work of our school from the professional point of view.

Finally, President Li Yaqing accepted the suggestions put forward by the experts. President Li pointed out that experts' suggestions are an inexhaustible driving force for the improvement of our school's work. "In combination with the new situation, our school will reorganize, summarize and improve the ideological and political work of our curriculum, make good use of the main channel of classroom teaching, and promote the whole staff's all-round education."

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