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Infiltrate the classics, blend feelings and dream, walk into the reading class of English classics in this international school!

From:Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School Time:2020-12-21 10:17:57 Read:1028

In recent years, the English teaching and research group of the International Department of Hebei International School Education Group has deeply studied the school-based international curriculum. It has changed the traditional mode of "extensive reading intensive reading answering questions" in the past reading class, and put forward a new idea of "literature appreciation" reading teaching of the world famous work, fully mobilize students' subjective initiative, and improve students' interest in English learning and cross-cultural literacy.

In class, teacher Zhang Juan takes students to appreciate the language and rhetoric of the world famous book little women from the perspective of literary appreciation, so as to cultivate students' English literacy and critical thinking.

"Let students experience the beauty of English language through reading." Teacher Zhang guides students to grasp the key words, pay attention to the clues of the text, and lead them to grasp the context of the novel: Tang Jiaqi, a classmate of grade 13, senior high school, said: "the story follows the years when four women grew up from girls to little women, and tells about their unrestrained love experience and the process of their respective pursuit of different ideals and ends."

The students sit upright and quietly read this little woman. They roam in the ocean of reading and enjoy the happiness brought by English reading materials. After full appreciation, Zhang Juan organized students to exchange and discuss, cooperate and share.

Zhang Juan said that reading the original English works, you can not only be familiar with the known common words, but also learn new and authentic words: "if you encounter a word you don't know, you can skip it first. After reading through the context, you can see whether you can guess the meaning of the new word."

There are many works in British and American literature with vivid plot and vivid language. It is easy to bring students into the world of literature and immerse them in the English context. Zhao Yitong, a classmate from class 13 of senior high school, said: "reading always brings people feeling; thinking and enjoying reading make my life more peaceful. Closing the little woman in my hand makes my heart filled with emotion. Looking back on the story narrated in this book, it is so fascinating."

"The psychological process of reading is closer to the psychological process of 'Acquisition'. In this way, the language learned will naturally be used flexibly, not only remembering it, but also using it vividly." Zhang Juan said that reading classics can not only enhance students' cultural background knowledge and ability, but also cultivate students' ability to observe language carefully, analyze and judge, and think logically.

Through continuous reading activities of original English classics, students' language ability and comprehensive quality can be improved in many ways. Du Cui, director of the International Department, said that reading English books and original masterpieces can not only bring students a broader international vision, but also enable them to find "poetry and distance". Students in the book, find the resonance of the heart, in order to really love English. "Reading a lot is the key to opening up the pattern of life."

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