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Learning habits and efficient classroom, English reading and writing! Senior high school English group put forward new ideas in the third school level project mid-term report exchange meeting!

From:Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School Time:2021-03-25 08:53:02 Read:1019

On the afternoon of March 11, 2021, the senior high school English group of Hebei International School Education Group held the third interim report exchange meeting of school level project. Many excellent teachers, including Xu Lin, the host of the project, Li Jin, Zhu Dongying and Li Yizhe, were invited to participate in the report.

First of all, Mr. Xu Lin made a mid-term report on the project, briefly introduced the research objectives, research contents, research steps, research significance, etc., summarized the research results of the stage, proposed the plan for the next stage of research work, and then each person in charge showed the situation of the project.

In the research, Li Jin discussed the relationship between high school students' learning habits and efficient classroom. In practical teaching, teachers should not only impart knowledge, but also cultivate good learning habits. For example, the establishment of efficient classroom evaluation mechanism, a monthly habit research class and student group learning habit evaluation. "This is conducive to correcting students' learning habits, stimulating learning motivation, improving learning efficiency, promoting active learning, and realizing an efficient classroom model," Li said

Zhu Dongying studied the teaching of English writing in senior high school. "Writing is very important for English learners to master vocabulary and use grammar." Zhu said that through the questionnaire survey, the teacher found a solution. First of all, stimulate interest in writing. In the material selection of continuation after reading, attention should be paid to the timeliness and the fit with students. Secondly, increase the vocabulary. You can imitate the words, phrases and sentence patterns in the reading material. Finally, guide students to pay attention to writing output after reading. Traditional writing teaching adopts the mode of separation of reading and writing. Now it requires the close combination of reading and writing, and the use of discourse structure to improve writing ability.

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