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Our school participates in the goodtalk project: feel the cultural heritage of the Forbidden City and appreciate the beauty of human architecture

From:河北国际学校教育集团 Time:2021-05-29 17:17:17 Read:1800

"Once the Forbidden City, located in the center of the central axis of Beijing, is the imperial palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and is the largest and most complete preserved wooden structure palace building in the world." On May 28, Mr. Sun Xiaoye from the Palace Museum gave a lecture on "gathering the British and gathering the central axis of the Palace Museum" for more than 300 teachers and students in the first-order report hall of our school, which was praised by teachers and students.

At the beginning of the lecture, vice president Zhang Chenggang delivered a speech, "culture is the soul of a country and a nation.". Cultural confidence is the most basic and lasting force in the development of a country and a nation. " "Where do we come from cultural confidence?" Zhang said? First of all, we should learn to understand our history and cultural knowledge and understand our history and cultural heritage. " President Zhang hopes that students can take this lecture as a bridge, strengthen cultural confidence, enhance national pride, be a faithful watcher of Chinese excellent traditional culture, listen to the Forbidden City Culture and tell good stories about their hometown.

"It is secret, remote, and has a little high authority, but it is also a kind Museum. Chinese people always have a yearning for the Palace Museum, because thousands of years of civilization is flowing in a hurry and stops here. " First, starting from a long history of 600 years, Mr. Sun introduced the location, design intention, names of the Palace Museum and its powerful role. The palace is described in a profound and superficial way with profound knowledge, interesting language and profound knowledge.

Through a bright color picture, we can still feel the power shock brought by the golden roof of Taihe hall; The 80 beasts on the roof seemed to be praying for peace; The bronze lion in front of the door was solemn and dignified, and seemed ready to resist the coming criminals of his family.

"Every design is the embodiment of imperial power, and each material has different connotations." Mr. Sun told students that the layout, furnishing, use and implication of the Palace Museum halls. Students are also attracted by the ancient building, which has experienced the vicissitudes of the nation and full of the great feelings of the rise of China, and listened to the story about the Forbidden City seriously.

"The value of culture lies in the inheritance of generations." After the lecture, director Du Cui of the Ministry of international concluded his statement, "it is our duty and responsibility to keep the cultural roots, to support the future of the nation, to show the permanent charm and the style of the new era of Chinese culture."

In 2021 "post epidemic era", the 12th goodtalk International Youth bilingual speech conference continued to uphold the concept of "internationalization in the region" in a special period, and worked with the Ministry of education and education of the Palace Museum to build a speech stage full of vitality and interest for Chinese and foreign students, showing cultural literacy and international vision.

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