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Heavy weight! American famous schools offer 5 combos! On the way to study abroad, the boy bravely showed his edge!

From:河北国际学校教育集团 Time:2021-04-30 17:22:41 Read:1866

As of April 29, 2021, Liu Ziteng, a student from the International Department of our university, has successively received enrollment notices from several world-famous universities, including UCLA, UCLA Irvine, UCLA Davis, UCLA Santa Barbara and UCLA San Diego.

Graduation speech

After three years of tempering and transformation, you will be the best yourself. You will never forget your original intention, grasp the present and realize your original dream. Happiness comes from struggle! We will have a dream to make every footprint solid and powerful.

"First of all, I would like to thank my senior high school teacher, Mr. Zhu Wanli, for his extensive knowledge and academic accomplishment, Mr. Guo Shanshan's rigorous academic spirit and meticulous work style, which have benefited me all my life." Liu Ziteng said that in the International Department of No.42 middle school, he has been constantly learning and growing, and has been helped by many teachers. "Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the teachers and friends who care, help and support me."

When he first arrived in the United States, Liu Ziteng was very interested in his major, "reading a lot of relevant content, accumulating and summarizing a little bit, discussing problems with his classmates, and going to the laboratory to do experiments. Although there are always unexpected problems in the process, when the problems are conquered one by one, he has a great sense of satisfaction." This strengthened his direction“ After I got three consecutive semesters of a's with enthusiasm, and had the research ability and organizational ability exercised by various activities during high school, I took UCLA as a goal. "

At present, the admission conditions of many universities depend on the activities that the applicant has participated in“ During the period of No.42 middle school, the International Department held many activities, such as Shakespeare's comedy performance, social research and so on. These activities have accumulated valuable experience for me. " Liu Ziteng said that he also participated in the world university physics competition and won the prize“ My way of thinking is deeply influenced by teacher Runxing. Every time I solve a problem, teacher Yu will list different methods, which makes my thinking more open

"This is especially true for English learning. Teacher he Xiaomeng often asks us to read some original English works, which greatly improves my English reading level and makes me have a good idea when I come across long academic materials in the later stage." In Liu Ziteng's opinion, although the university application needs to master the knowledge related to its own courses, it is more important to have its own independent thinking and make innovation.

"In the process of studying abroad, we should keep a good attitude." Liu Ziteng encouraged his younger students to learn from their younger sisters. In the process of study and life, there may be pressure from the outside world, self denial, and the choice of professional direction, which may shake his mind“ Therefore, we should correctly look at everything we have to do and not think too much about the results. Instead, we should treat our goals with a common attitude, and then start to learn with a relaxed attitude, try our best to give full play to our maximum potential and complete the task. "

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