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   Zhou Junshan, Secretary and Principal of Shijiazhuang No.42 Middle School


Zhou Junshan, Secretary and Principal of Shijiazhuang No.42 Middle School


Zhou Junshan is a member of the Communist Party of China, a Top Senior Teacher, a member of the Mathematics Teaching Guidance Committee of Basic Education, Ministry of Education, a Special Grade Teacher of Hebei Province, and a Key Principal of Hebei Province. In more than 20 years of education, teaching and management practice, he has successively won the National Advanced Individual of Ideological and Moral Education for Minors, the National Advanced Worker of Moral Education Research, the Advanced Individual of Education Work in Hebei Province, the New Long March Raider in Hebei Province, the "Three-Three-Three" talent in Hebei Province, the Advanced Individual of Innovation Award of Ideological and Political Work in Hebei Province, the Top Talent in Shijiazhuang, the Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions in Shijiazhuang, the Top-notch Young Talent in Shijiazhuang, the Top-Ten Young Teacher in Shijiazhuang and many other awards. He has strong management ability and professional ability. He has devoted himself to teaching for a long time, devoted himself to moral education, insisted on establishing the school with quality, and led teachers' professional growth. He is diligent, dedicated and willing to be the watchman of the soul of education. He also focuses on education and teaching research. He has published papers like "Exploring Innovative Ways of Education to Enhance the Effectiveness of School Moral Education", "Practice of Mental Health Education Under the Guidance of Positive Psychology", "How to Adjust the Interpersonal Relationship Between the Class Teacher and the Class", "Research on the Transformation of Junior High School Students with Learning Difficulties", "Research on the Ways and Methods of Actively Exploring the Effectiveness of Legal Education", and "Discussion on Students' Will Training" , etc. He has been the host of planning projects in Hebei Province for many times, and his research achievements, such as “Research Report on Innovation of Middle School Head Teacher's Work in the New Era”, “Research on Ways and Methods to Enhance the Effectiveness of School Moral Education”, and “Research on Optimizing Students' Learning Style” have been praised by experts. His key planning project of Hebei Province, “Research on 451 New Target Teaching Mode”, won the second prize of Provincial Basic Education Achievements.

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