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No. 42 Secondary School won the honorary title of “Outstanding Performance Leading Group”

From:Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School Time:2018-03-15 18:24:01 Read:2441

On the morning of March 15th, the 2018 District Education Work Conference was organized by the Xinhua District Education Bureau. Our school won the honorary title of “the outstanding leading group” in the Shijiazhuang Xinhua District Education System of the Communist Party of China. Tian Rongfeng, deputy head of Xinhua District, leaders of the Education Bureau and heads of departments, more than 300 principals of nursery, primary and secondary schools in the whole district attended the meeting.

At the meeting, President Li Yaqing spoke as an excellent school representative, and introduced the experience analysis of “developing education to achieve excellence in life”. Principal Li said that in 2017, our college entrance examination has achieved excellent results. In Xinhua District, the index of various subjects in the exam is among the best in the Xinhua District; the results of the college entrance examination are more innovative with top science and arts in our schoos, and the students whose scores are more than 600 points are all from our school. “Because of outstanding achievements, our school has won the first prize in the Shijiazhuang Municipal Education Bureau’s college entrance examination results. It is the only school in all the district schools in the city that has won this award,” she said, The achievement of excellent results is benefited from our solid and efficient work and continuous reform and enterprising spirit, which is benefited from the continuous cultivation of our students.


Subsequently, President Li introduced our school to lead the teachers to develop the effective strategy of the development of students, through the cultivation of education to improve the students’ comprehensive literacy and learning quality.

Then, deputy director Li Zheng announced the results of the comprehensive evaluation of the performance of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in 2017. Shijiazhuang No. 42 Secondary School won the first prize of “outstanding performance leadership”.


President Li Yaqing said that our school will continue to strengthen the team building and work style construction, set up the overall consciousness and development consciousness, creatively carry out the education and teaching work, and make a new and greater contribution to the construction of the provincial capital area, the charm of the Xinhua, and the good education of the people.

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