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A Brief Introduction of Hebei International School

From:Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School Time:2010-10-19 09:51:13 Read:21940

        Hebei International School (also known as No. 42 Secondary School of Shijiazhuang City), is a foreign language school and is honored as one of the key, model high schools in Hebei Province. Currently, the school occupies an area of 23.3 acres, with 98 classes, 397 staff members and over 5,400 students. It is surrounded by green trees, and the campus is overflowing with beautiful flowers. The school is easily accessible because public transportation is readily available. School buildings are in picturesque complement. Chinese and foreign cultures are in complete harmony and bring out the best in each other. The school has not only first-class teaching facilities, such as the multi-media classrooms, the most advanced Internet center in Hebei province, and completely modernized  laboratories and libraries, but it also has clean, tidy apartments and dining halls.  
       With “All for students, For all students, For students’ all” as the faculty members’ passionate aim, the school has made great contributions in the field of education. Many honorable titles have been given to the school such as An Outstanding School Advanced in Educational Research (State Education Research Institute), A Model Collective Advanced in Cultural and Ideological Civilization (Hebei Provincial Government), An Outstanding School Advanced in Modern Education Technique (Hebei Education Committee) and Excellent Teaching Quality of Senior High for five consecutive years (Shijiazhuang Education Department).
       As a foreign language school, Hebei International School emphasizes foreign language teaching, employing 5-8 foreign teachers each year and concurrently offering English, French, Japanese and other foreign languages with more academically based courses. These courses develop the potential of students and provide a broad space for students’personalities to flourish. The school has established a reciprocal relationship with counterparts from more than 10 countries and has carried out a variety of friendly exchange activities. From our school, 116 excellent students and over 100 teachers have been sent abroad for further study.
       With the permission of Hebei Provincial Foreign Affairs Department, Hebei Education Committee and the Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province, the school has been granted the right of recruiting overseas students and to offer them an excellent secondary school education. You will have the chance to know students from all over the world and to experience different parts of the country and campus life with the harmony of different cultures. This gives our students opportunities to become friends with people from all around the world and makes a good foundation for students who are interested in foreign affairs. The school has began to enroll foreign students, totaling over 100 from Japan, America, Korea, Hungry, Germany and other countries. Hebei International School has been the first in Hebei Province to establish Confucius Classrooms in foreign countries. The opening ceremony of the  Confucius Senior High School was performed on November 24, 2008. This plays an active role in expanding the fields of educational exchanges and cooperation, promoting the exchanges between schools . 
       The school undertakes the task of compiling Chinese books for popularizing Chinese to foreign people and compiling English books and math books which are suitable for students from other countries to study.
       Hebei International School and its excellent teaching staffswelcomes you to experience completely new ideas, a scientific  management system and superior criteria for academics.

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