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Shijiazhuang No. 42 Scondary School celebrated her 25th birthday

From:Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School Time:2018-10-20 19:07:28 Read:2741

On October 20th, Shijiazhuang No. 42 Scondary School celebrated her 25th birthday. The participants include: the leaders from Shijiazhuang educational department and from department of education in Xinhua district, other schools, the principal and teachers from Laohetou school in Xiongan new district, the retired staff, parents’ representatives and the schoolmates from all over the world.      

On the ceremony, principal Li Yaqing retrospected the development of the school, showed the gratitude to the staff working on this land and the hope for the future.


The director of the Xinhua Educational bureau, Zhanghui, made a speech. He spoke highly of the contribution that No.42 Scondary School had made these years and wished school the new brilliant achievement.


And also, Ma Jianguo, the vice director from Shijiazhuang educational bureau, Zhang Hui, the director from educational bureau of Xinhua district and Li Yaqing, the principal of No.42 Scondary School jointly unveiled the nameplate for Hebei Internatinal School group.


The development of the school can’t be achieved without the hard-working of the pioneers. The school’s students gave the prizes to these teachers.

Han Yongjiang, as the first principal of the school, shared the experience in the early days.


The song, “The love of the root for the green leave” showed the deepest respect to them.

The songs “ Everyone paddles” “Ride the waves” sang by teachers expressed their hope. 


During these 25 years, many teachers acted as the head teachers and devoted their time to the teaching career. They were also given prizes.

The song “The most beautiful” and the chanting “ Jusong” expressed the gratitude.

The performance of the clubs, the song and the dance of the foreign students, the wishes from all over the world showed the vitality of our school.

Teachers Yue Lihui and Su Jian’an, the painting show from artistic club, the teachers’ reading “Future” and also “ The sunny way” wished a good future to No.42 Secondary School.

Happy birthday to our school and wish a better day.              


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