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Going to Xibaipo to review the history of the examination

From:Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School Time:2021-04-25 17:25:44 Read:2353

On April 25, 2021, the general Party branch of Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary school organized party members to study party history in Xibaipo, the holy land of revolution.

Early in the morning, all the party members gathered and set out with respect for the revolutionary ancestors and yearning for the holy land of the revolution.

Xibaipo, new China is coming from here. Party members with the bus through the majestic Taihang, across the continuous Hutuo River, all the way back to the history of the revolution. During the Anti Japanese War, Taihang's heroic style and the strategy of the liberation war, every mountain tells the story of the hard struggle of the Communists and the people.

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Today, misty rain, beautiful scenery. In front of the Xibaipo memorial hall, all the party members stood beside the great figures, feeling the revolutionary ancestors' dedication to the country and the great achievements of building a new China.

Party members gather outside the memorial hall early and wait in line for the door to open, so that they can enter the exhibition hall early and spend more time learning the great history. They can understand each detailed explanation in combination with pictures, objects, deeds and materials, enrich their study of party history and improve their view of party history.

A party member who came to Xibaipo for the first time said, "this is my first time here and I will never forget it. Hard course, optimistic spirit; Revolutionary pride and great decision-making; I am deeply impressed by being with the people and serving the people. I know more clearly why the Communist Party of China can. We should inherit the will of our ancestors, inject the spirit of hard struggle into our current work and life, and pour the spirit of serving the people into our love for students. I am proud of our great motherland. I will be modest and prudent in my teaching post, and study hard to cultivate more construction talents for our country. "

Visiting the former site of the CPC Central Committee, the party members look forward to the former residence of their predecessors, as if they are back to Xibaipo during the war of liberation. Among the simple houses and exhibits, the party members deeply feel the spirit of hard struggle of our ancestors and are proud of the great achievements made by the great Chinese Communist Party and the great people. The new life is not easy to come by. We should unite as one, work hard, maintain the style of not arrogant, not impatient, modest and cautious, and make selfless contributions to the victory of the new era.

Many veteran party members have been to Xibaipo more than once, but they have new insights every time. An old Party member who had been to Xibaipo many times said excitedly: "I am a junior high school 'Ideological and moral' teacher. The Xibaipo Spirit came into being at an important historical turning point of the Chinese revolution and determined the future and destiny of the Chinese revolution. It can stand the test of the new historical stage. We should continue to struggle, carry forward the Xibaipo Spirit, and constantly push forward the socialist cause. As a teacher of Ideological and political education, I want to connect ideological and political education, party history education and the current era, lead the way for young people, keep a good pass, and help them grow into excellent successors of socialism. "

At the site of the second plenary session of the seventh CPC Central Committee, Ping Xingrui, deputy secretary of the general Party branch of Shijiazhuang No.42 secondary school, organized everyone to visit and study. He encouraged party members to learn history, use history, respect morality, understand reason and improve their self-cultivation. All the party members who took part in the study solemnly took an oath at the former site of the meeting, reviewed the oath of joining the party, and focused on the historical background, main contents and great significance of the second plenary session of the seventh CPC Central Committee.

One hundred years of great party, one hundred years of hardship, one hundred years of great spirit and achievements. In the on-the-spot study, Party members have strengthened their faith, consolidated the guiding position of "Two Musts" in Party members' life, study and work, and made clear their responsibilities of "not forgetting their original intention and remembering their mission". Looking back on the decision-making role of the second plenary session of the Seventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, we can understand the great "Xibaipo Spirit" and the meaning of "going to Beijing to rush for the examination"... "The" rush for the examination "faced by the party is far from over". Party members said that they should take the actual work and the development of the school as their answers and accept the people's test.

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