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Hebei International School Education Group held an expert lecture on "eye care, myopia prevention and control"

From:Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School Time:2021-03-31 08:50:24 Read:2279


In order to enhance students' awareness of eye care, popularize scientific eye knowledge, prevent myopia and other eye diseases, promote students to develop good eye health habits, guide students to use eyes healthily and protect their eyes correctly, our school invited Meng Fanjiang, director of vision health intervention center for primary and secondary school students in Shijiazhuang City, to give a lecture on "eye care, myopia prevention and control" to teachers and students.

The lecture on vision health was hosted by director of Education Department Li Yuehui. In the lecture, director Meng deeply attracted students' attention through scientific explanation, vivid description and intuitive experience. Director Meng explained in detail the causes of myopia, the harm of myopia, how to prevent myopia, how to use eyes scientifically and how to exercise eyes. Director Meng explained in simple terms, so that students can understand the harm and influence of myopia to their future life and work, and give students the correct way to use their eyes.

This lecture enhanced the students' awareness of eye care, corrected the students' bad habits of using eyes, made the students deeply understand the adverse effects of myopia on life, and helped the students to make clear the scientific and correct essentials of using eyes, so as to lay a solid foundation for reducing students' myopia rate in the future.


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